Revive Ministries Horizon Recovery and Counseling Center & Unity Houses wants to reach out to you and see how you are doing during this uncertain time. We also want to inform you of the services we provide, as well as some additional funding opportunities that we have available. We have a variety of different programs available for those that might be struggling with addiction or mental health. We also have different programs available for youth as well.

Horizon is licensed to perform Alcohol & Drug Evaluations, Mental Health Evaluations, and Co-Occurring Evaluations which have to deal with both Substance and Mental Health issues. After the completion of the Evaluation, the counselor will determine what specific programming plan that best fits the needs of the client. These specific programs include Intensive Outpatient (IOP), ContinueCare/AfterCare, Individual Counseling for adults, and juveniles. Horizon also offers a ¾ housing facility known as the Unity Houses for both adult men and women. Horizon is in the process of developing a Co-Occurring Mental Health/Substance Abuse group.

We have funding available to assist those who need financial support. We receive funding from the Crime Commission to support our Juvenile IOP and Life Skills programs. Due to this funding, both programs are offered at no cost. The adult Life Skills class is also free due to additional funding. We offer aid to those 55 and older for treatment costs through our Sunnyside grant. Horizon also receives a wide variety of additional funds for Substance Abuse and Mental Health from the surrounding communities. Another way available to pay for treatment and our sober living facility is through state vouchers.

For more information about the services we offer check out our services page. Thank you for your time and please consider us for future referrals.