My name is Ryleigh Schroeder and I am the Life Skills Instructor at Revive Ministries Horizon Recovery & Counseling Center. I have had the pleasure to work with some of you last year, but I look forward to expanding the connections that were made as well as starting new ones. For those that I did not have the pleasure of working with, I hope to get the chance to work with you in this coming year. I know we are in a state of the unknown now, but at Horizon we believe in being proactive when it comes to procuring educational materials for youth. We believe in educating youth on subjects such as Marijuana, Nicotine, and Vaping, and the basic necessities that each individual will need throughout life. Here at Horizon, we have new informative videos that give an in-depth look at how Marijuana is harmful to your body as well as how it could put you at a disadvantage in the future. We also have a newly released video on Nicotine and Vaping. I am personally excited to share this video with students and administrators because there isn’t a lot of accurate information out there on Vaping for the youth to know exactly what they are putting into their undeveloped bodies. At Horizon we look at the cause and effects of Opioids and Methamphetamines with our outstanding informational videos from Hazelton.

Horizon Recovery & Counseling Center prides itself on educating students, parents, and administrators on these topics as well as the cause and effects that alcohol has on the body. Here at Horizon, we teach an Alcohol and Drug Education Class. In this class, we educate the students on the harms that these drugs and alcohol can have on each individual’s body and brain. We show videos of people who have gone through the struggle with alcoholism and how they welcomed sobriety as well as those moments of relapses. We at Horizon believe in providing youth with all of the facts, whether it be about drugs, alcohol, and even nicotine and vaping.

Thank you all for taking the time to read through this letter because we at Horizon believe that our youths need our Life Skills program is. We hope to be a resource for you, your youth, parents, and administrators.