Shawn shares his powerful story of coming back from rock bottom.  He struggled with drug addiction for years and never could find the strength to get sober.

“I was lost and confused about life,” shares Shawn.  He ended up in jail and then on probation.  During probation, he would often still mess up and turn to drugs.  His probation officer saw the possiblity and hope in Shawn, and encouraged him to go get treatment.  Shawn did and after treatment, came to Hastings to live at the Unity House.

“It was at the Unity House that I found the willingness and help I needed to get back on track,” says Shawn.  “Now, my life couldn’t be better.”

Shawn now has a full time job and gets to be a father to his two boys.  “They have their father back,” says Shawn.  Listen to his testimony and how Revive was there to get him back on his feet.