Marisa shares that she was exposed to and started using drugs at just 11 years old.  As she got older, the drug use escalated to the point where she ended up in jail for 15 days.

After her jail stay, she found her way to recovery programs and ended up coming to live at the Unity House.  This is where she received the help and tools she needed to get sober and stay sober.  “The Unity House gave me a lot of opportunities,” shares Marisa.  Hastings has become home for her now and plans to stay in the area since she has built a good foundation here.

“This is the first time I’ve worked clean and sober,” explains Marisa.  She is now ontime, doesn’t miss work, she’s present on the job, as well as reliable and dependable.  All things that wouldn’t have been possible had she continued using.

Now Marisa is preparing to move out on her own and bringing her children back.  Learn more about Marisa’s story and how she overcame addiction.