Often times those in the midst of a drug or alcohol problem do not see a way out.  Brian experienced tremendous hopelessness when he thought about getting sober and said, “I never thought it would be worth it.”

Brian’s first encounter with Revive was staying at the Unity House after a full-time treatment center.  “I didn’t want to be there and never really tried to do the things they suggested I do,” shares Brian.  This led to a relapse and Brian picked up his drug habit again.

Facing drug charges, Brian is thankful he was accepted into the Unity House again.  “They gave me a second chance,” said Brian.  This time, he did everything the counselor suggests and was ready to make some real changes.

Brian shares how awesome the counselors are at the Unity House.  These counselors have oftentimes been where Brian is and can relate in such a personal way.  Brian has been working for over a year and gets to see his 5-year-old son now.  We are so proud of where Brian is today.  Listen to his story in his own words.