Ellie was the youngest child in her family and grew up without knowing how to make decisions on her own.  In a bad relationship, Ellie found drugs and alcohol and quickly lost control.  She ended up arrested and found Revive’s recovery program.

Through Revive’s services, including living at the Women’s Unity House, Ellie finally saw how she had been co-dependent her whole life and let others make the decision for her whether they were right or wrong.  Ellie learned to take ownership of her life, make her own decisions and be an adult.

The other girls living in the house and the group therapy sessions also taught Ellie that she is not a bad person and she does not need to feel ashamed for past decisions.  Getting sober seemed overwhelming, but Ellie says the structure that Revive provided was the right amount to allow her to succeed.

“It changed my life.  The skills and tools I learned have allowed me to have the life I have now,” says Ellie.  Listen to her tell how Revive has shaped her life for the better.